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Mother and Child by tomboy-girl Mother and Child :icontomboy-girl:tomboy-girl 3 8
Burning Turmoil
These troubled souls
Which wist not which way they wander
These troubled souls
These ones I hold so dear
Help me to show them the love of God
That in His eyes all are one
That hate and anger is useless and exhausting
These troubled souls
Which I long to hold and to love
God give me strength
To show the them the true meaning of love
To wash away their pain and woes begone
Help these troubled souls
Make them to understand
That life has its trials
But ultimately, there is one who loves them and is waiting for them...
:icontomboy-girl:tomboy-girl 0 0
Parasol Kirby by tomboy-girl Parasol Kirby :icontomboy-girl:tomboy-girl 5 0
Mature content
The Meeting :icontomboy-girl:tomboy-girl 0 0
Sonic 2006 DoOver 5
Chapter  13
  Sonic zipped over to the door at the end of the chamber where the Master Emerald was being held.
  "Wonder what's behind here?"
  He knocked the door down and stepped into the darkness. The lights above on the ceiling flickered, proving only a scanty amount of light. The floor was strewn with cables and conduits, which almost made Sonic trip. The low hum of machines at work was the only sound to be heard. He ventured even further trying to keep from tripping.
  "What is this place?" Sonic asked.
  "Well, well, isn't poetic that the last thing I see before I die, will be my old nemesis, Sonic the Hedgehog."
  Sonic stopped dead in his tracks. He would recognize that voice from anywhere. He looked around to see where it came from. He managed to see a figure out in the darkness, with a few flickers of light.
  "Eggman! So you're the one responsible for t
:icontomboy-girl:tomboy-girl 0 0
Sonic 2006 DoOver 4
Chapter 10
  All of the banded resistance stood by each other, side by side, on the cliff extending over the valley. There was no need for word or command, for each one of them knew exactly what they were assigned to do. They had waited what had seemed an eternity for this entire moment. Their hearts and minds, whether they were filled with righteous indignation, or utter hatred, were together as one when they charged. The institution had become their path had become their fuel, fire, and motivation that had kept them going for this long. It had been a bane to their existence, and today of all days they were going to put it out of their misery.
  The first squadron of swat bots bolted to oppose them. But nothing was going to stand in their way. Blaze leaped on one of them venting all of her rage and fury upon it. Sonic and Silver moved out in the other direction, heading for the force field.
  "If I can focus my t
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MegaUnfair by tomboy-girl MegaUnfair :icontomboy-girl:tomboy-girl 0 0 Rex, Meet Shadow by tomboy-girl Rex, Meet Shadow :icontomboy-girl:tomboy-girl 3 0 Kid Gloves Off by tomboy-girl Kid Gloves Off :icontomboy-girl:tomboy-girl 3 2 Swingin 4th Ave. by tomboy-girl Swingin 4th Ave. :icontomboy-girl:tomboy-girl 0 0 Tortilla Factory by tomboy-girl Tortilla Factory :icontomboy-girl:tomboy-girl 0 2
Sonic 2006 DoOver3
Chapter 7
  Amy ran up to Sonic and grabbed his arm. "Sonic, no! I'm coming with you!"
  Sonic met his eyes with hers. He could see the look of concern on her face.
  Tails hopped up right beside him. "I wanna come too, Sonic!"
  He smiled, touched by their eagerness to help. But from what Blaze said, it would be too dangerous for them. So he declined their offer. "Thanks you two, but I want you to stay here. I don't want you getting hurt."
  "Oh, Sonic," Amy blushed. "I had no idea you were so concerned about my safety and well being. Ok. I'll stay behind and I will be right there when you come back, waiting for you."
  "Uh… that's great, Amy," Sonic said with a grimace.
  Shadow's mind was reeling from witnessing this bizarre turn of events. Earlier he had been pondering his fate, wondering whether or not to live or die. The answer seemed clear cut when this stranger Silver, tried to murder him.  And
:icontomboy-girl:tomboy-girl 3 0
Sonic 2006 DoOver 2
Sonic the Hedgehog: Blazing into the Future
Chapter 4
Shadow the Hedgehog. His days were fraught with nothing but solitude, but he did not mind. It seemed to be his only friend for as long as he could remember. His mind was all a whirl as he meandered through the forest. Now that I have fulfilled my purpose my creator intended for me, there is no reason for my existence. I have become a hollow shell, even more than when I didn't know what my purpose was. What do I do now? Maybe, since there is no longer any reason to exist, I should just give up on life.
  As he pondered, he caught something out of the corner of his eye. He saw that pink girl hedgehog speaking with someone he did not recognize. This person looked highly suspicious to him. An odd wane of compulsion fell over him insinuating him to investigate. He furtively crept behind a tree, and honed in on their conversation.
  "I'm here on a mission looking for Sonic. If you know him, I have to speak with him! It
:icontomboy-girl:tomboy-girl 2 0
Sonic 2006 DoOver
Sonic the Hedgehog: Blazing into the Future
Chapter 1
  Shambles of crumbled houses and homes are the only thing that fills the world of Silver the Hedgehog. Echoes of a long, cruel history haunt him as he walks amongst the debris.Is this all my world will ever will be? A world that lay desolate and in ruin?  It has been this way ever since before I was born. My people live without hope. None of them tell me what happened. They only look to the building. Chaos  Laboratories.
  Silver was jolted out of his deep thoughts as he heard a voice call his name.
  He jerked his head to meet the voice. It was his best friend and older sister, Blaze the Cat.
"What is it? " he asked.
  "It is time."
Chapter 2
  Sonic could he hear his heart pounding in his ears as he navigated his way through another one of Eggman's hidden power stations. He had rammed himself into the main power conduit, and now the twisted con
:icontomboy-girl:tomboy-girl 2 0
Treescape by tomboy-girl Treescape :icontomboy-girl:tomboy-girl 0 0 PLUSHIES by tomboy-girl PLUSHIES :icontomboy-girl:tomboy-girl 4 0


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United States
Current Residence: Somewhere you'll never find me.
Favourite genre of music: anything except wrap and country
Favourite cartoon character: Sonic the Hedgehog, Aang, Starfire
Personal Quote: I am not better than anyone else. Just different.


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